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I Define Love

People imagine all kinds of things about me without asking. Sometimes they are insecure. If only they knew I value none of the things I do. I don't value my intelligence. I don't value my career. I don't value being right. I feel nothing when I am wrong, like no emotion. There is only one thing in this Earth that I value: love, but narrowly defined.

I narrowly define love as not in love with the idea of someone, but in love with them whether or not they live up to our expectations, imagination, etc.

I narrowly define love as to look at someone and just want to sit across from them for hours, staring at each other without words, in joy, peace, and fascination.

I define love as never being embarrassed with whatever they do before the public because the world does not exist, and only them in your eyes.

I define love as the final resting place of soul searching, and nothing practical in the least, free of insecurities preventing us from connection, affection, and spiritual romance.

I define love as in love with them face forward their flaws, weaknesses, stroking their hair on their death bed while our minds slow down from the grind and indulge in peace between each other. That is the purpose of life. It is not to build things. It is not to change the world. It is to find peace between two people as if nothing else in the world exists, not communities, not tribes, nothing. It is just love that I seek, and love defined as I see it.

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