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The Meaning of 7Type5 


7 is the number of characters in Gravity. Type 5 Refers to Type V Civilization on the The Kardashev Scale. A Type V Civilization can command space time.


The blog is called Gravity Type 5 because those who can already command space time are calling us to join them, which is why humans are slowing entropy and innovating out of our material being slowly.


Love brings us together to cooperate, to create, to sacrifice for our children and future. Without love humans will never get off the Earth and never join our makers. Like love, gravity pulls all things together. Thus, our love for each other means that we are bound to each other with the same force that binds the universe. Gravity & Love are from the same force. It is love that calls us to join them in the stars.

About Me, the Author

Ever since I was 8 years old I dreamed of finding a soul mate, traveling and seeing the wonders of the universe, and protecting the vulnerable. More than 3 decades later and I am that same person today.  Everything about me is seemingly cliche, and I wear it with a badge of honor.


Not only do I yearn for human connection but I enjoy seeing people smile when my writings fill their hearts. For that reason I decided to make this website with my writings under "Poetry and." The "and" is for essays on a myriad of topics.

Above all things love beckons my drive the most. That is what this is all about, from traveling the world to building a career: to find my soulmates.

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