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Life, Love, & Bicycles

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Inspired by a very special friend whose compassion, spirit, bicycle skills, and contact is one with the universe

By Kevin Flynn

I want to suggest to you that humans are uniquely evolving towards sentience and slowing entropy for themselves in the universe. We are gifted with the ability to do this because our makers wants us to meet them, or him/her, as mortal equals. Pause for a moment and think about that.

Everything in the universe experiences entropy: everything. Yet, humans are working to slow aging, to get off the planet, to not participate in the stars, but to command them, whether that is with Dyson spheres or with tools one day millions of years later used to command time and space. We are unique. We exist uniquely.

You, the individual, are as important as the sum of the universe; while sometimes we feel like nothing at all, we should know that together our evolution is the sum of all unique paths meant to cultivate humanity’s escape from the primal state we presently exist in. That is because we have a calling beyond our visual periphery.

Optimists, space travelers, longevity seekers, star commanders, Transhumanists, lovers, are in the right direction. But, we would all do our hearts justice to lower expectations; this is because averting future agony depends upon embracing patience in the present. We are not yet ready for the universe, but our children’s, children^10 might be. Some of us may reverse aging or extend our lives enough to live with these children: some of us. It however matters not, because it goes nowhere that we do not already have in front of us if we look: love. It is about love. I can explain. This is sophisticated, not corny. Listen.

Humans will not become fully sentient in our generation. It will take thousands of years before we are even half way there towards becoming a type I civilization (harnessing the power of a star) on the Kardashev Scale. We cannot imagine such a world where sentience is shaped by early childhood trauma and developments, prejudices, and lonely projections forming the majority of our thoughts subconsciously.

By the time we are a Type I civilization we will be different. Our thoughts will not be bound by time order linear sequence and subconscious self preservation needs. Our capacity to think will be infinite, backwards, forwards, sideways, and without our minds hung on fear, pain, and identity. Whether or not this world will come does not matter. Believing this will drive our cooperation to survive, to evolve, to grow our general intelligence as humans march towards sentience, and finding an almost utopian meaning in our homes and in the world around us.

The awakening of the human mind in present and over the last 10,000 years is not by accident. Our agony is not in vein. We are in a transitional state from almost sentient to sentient. We are presently unable to kick our most basic habits while we are capable of solving the greatest equations of the universe. This is what I mean by being in a transitional state. Some of our brain is ahead of the other part. We are in the in-between space of human evolution.

We need each other to go farther. We really need each other. Now is when this all starts to make sense to you, I hope. What will bring us together to get there is love. Love is the universe, because the universe is seemingly defined by gravity, and like gravity it forms its existence around attraction. Black holes birth stars, and stars birth life. Blackholes are swells of massive gravity. Love is like gravity. It is from the same fundamental force down the very atoms that make us: attraction, or as we come to describe it, love.

The only thing that will get us to a type 1 civilization is the aching heart that drives us to attraction to each other. It is through each other that we may cooperate to build what is required to get off the Earth and become a type 1 civilization, and so you see it is love by way of attraction that builds civilizations. Even our maker desires to not be alone.

The human mind is too fragile to get there without love. I think even if we evolve in our most mortal state to an infinite state of wisdom, we are still broken without love defining the mean and distribution tails. It is as certain as Planck’s constant. It is through each other that we can make infinite meaning of being. Our makers are not different. The messages are planted all around us. It starts by understanding that gravity and love by way of attraction are natural forces that birth from the same phenomenon that drives the universe.

When humanity becomes a type 5 civilization we will have the knowledge to manipulate the universe as we please; we will stand with our maker side by side not as spiritual deceased beings but alive and real.

They are calling us as we speak, patiently waiting for us to join them. Maybe they’re calling us like we call each other, waiting for us to be ready to understand one another, to have the experienced needed to understand each other. Maybe it is not enough for us to walk and talk like them, but instead to have the unique and painful experiences needed to relate to them. Perhaps they are like us: too in need of love.

The universe depends upon attraction. Planets form because of attraction. Life populates the Earth because of attraction. Black holes give birth to stars because of attraction. Stars give birth to life. Life gives birth to love. It’s all the same thing. It’s a constant.

Love is more than some primal desire. It is a living, breathing, binding force that defines us and all of the Stardust that makes us. We call this attraction love, but it is so much more.

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