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When I Find You

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Lonely evening lonely heart, place where we start Glancing down face glowing radiation into my heart

Slanted charismatic neon smile once in awhile A creative coder fingers tip teasing from a mile

Brooding slow spiritual suicidal 1980s love rock Heading to the past like an addict I can't stop

To the God of time I beg thee please make it freeze The sweat falling off her chin from the summer breeze

Entropy eruditus envelope off her lonely red lips A bland of basic name radiating rainy radial drips

Windows down wind flowing beyond new town Driving to somewhere new with her new crown

Running from the piper into your womanly lap Home at last, I've got you I'm throwing out the map

Sweaty late night innocent love song with some lust You have it all, that career woman I dream of at dusk

I cowardly fail because I sincerely haven't a clue Writing poems hoping you will see that my love is true

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