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The Plight of Predestination

And then I suddenly can remember 1999 no heat cold empty November

Warm legs thigh breakfast entangled That soft body love eyes wrangled

Books & coffee shops 1990s trendsetter Paul Van Dyk raver kids Ecstasy Wetter

So young, so vivid, the Colonel's daughter I chased her even with her shoulders broader

Always pass them up just shy or a sole coward Too moral for my own good lonely overpowered

Losing my time before finding again that one Breath down my chest and fingertips again run

Sunday church and late night cookie naughty spell Give me back that innocence not this intellectual hell

4 AM drives to random parties and corn field stars Driving fast window down free from thoughtful bars

Those true eyes not like this long painful negotiation I wasted my life on the illusion of my predestination

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