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The No Meaning, Meaning

Brown root plight's gnarly end upon the hour Constant screaming of humanity right power

The right brain mind no bigger picture slow that Pace down fast rewind fast forward no clear map

I can't find the pattern overlay the life again look Cognitive dissonance just world hypothesis hook

The simplicity of life is also our brains constructions Nothing ethereal to find biological learning & instructions

Morality the tool to wield power by certainty not even Values are real because they are just a fiction of when

The Onion peeled its 1s and 0s including right and wrong Nothing here to find by self-preservation before its gone

So lets have lots of pleasure, love, loss, lust, and living Love bed spooning let's poke and all of it wedding ring

In a plea of sentience discovery what are you doing I ask? To our confusion an unexpected answer you give at last

Just not the one beyond the bounds of perceived instructions Non-eternal human give up and indulge in love & seductions

The pleasure of human hearts hold back the dark beyond Even I fearless in the depth of diverse sentience in language

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