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Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Screaming at my mirror lying to my interior

Bloody night fight raging at the shining light

Looking at you looking at me so we knew

Wanting to be my superior before my anterior

Fist balled up tight peak climax final height

Destroying you destroying me the same too

Racing neocortex stimulated new posterior

The plight of the internal introspective fight

To evolve self-aware renovatio like new

Subatomic time vacuum lonely steel mirror

I am you, you me, black, asian, latin or white

Carve out the cancer insecurity faced by few

Dark arrays knife edge weak insides am inferior

Mirror you mirror me let me be more at night

In pain we grow you know what is we have to do

Be pain live pain in the inside our image ulterior

Liberate my reflection to become someone right

Its not you its me lets grow and form a crew

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