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That Is You

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

There are many directions life can take us. We go a path that is like no other path. It is ours. It is our lens. It is our view of life. It is all we have before we are gone. Those are the cards we have been dealt. Even what decisions we can make are still limited to path and people in front of us who we meet, experience life with, and share our fleeting lives' with.

It may be that our entire conversations, perceptions of the meaning of life, and active consciousness are all shaped from whom to tomb by dint of conversations with not more than 10,000 people out of what is now 7.837 billion (2021) people—making it 0.00014% of the population, a low number unrepresentative of an average of humanity.

With such a small world to live in for each individual life limited to meeting 10,000 people over our lifetime, meeting someone who loves you, and who you love, is the only meaning of life for those who experience it. When we find that love, and if it is real, we may hang on to it for our dear lives—as we should. That is you. You are the love. I love you.

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