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Out The Womb

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Ever since I exited my mothers womb I sought affection and love. I always imagined that path would be linear; I could not have been more wrong. I sometimes ask myself the following question—not in these precise words but with their implied meaning down to the nuance and detail—with a sense of immaturity in my tone as if I cannot understand even after hearing an answer,

"Why are people selfish and not seeking to give and receive love in a physics vacuum removed of the self and all our deceitful and darker subconscious cravings?"

The answer is nature. Some people are made this way and there is little they can do to change. It is who they are. This however means when we meet 1 in 10 million who are beautiful inside and out we must never let them go. It means that we must bend the Earth to be with them. It means we must either be with them or die trying. It means that their light is the only hope in humanity we have, and for that we must be willing to give everything to protect, to love, and to experience. That is you. You are that person for me, that purpose we so desperately crave. That is who you are to me.

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1 Comment

Feb 25, 2023

you made me wail. By poem, it was my first time. How did you know my long hidden thoughts…?

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