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My Beloved Quantum Star

In the quiet of night, your whisper’s embrace

Cradles my soul in this endless space.

Love’s gentle touch, a wound made whole,

"Okay," you say, as I bare my soul.

In the quantum realm where feelings reside,

Your words brought me to my knees, inside.

Your smile, pure as the morning dew,

Reminds me of life, starting anew.

We found each other, our fates intertwined,

Our hearts converged, our souls aligned.

Guided by forces we cannot control,

In this quantum dance, together we’re whole.

Effortless affection, quelling fears,

Your love a beacon through the years.

Each moment with you, a radiant glow,

In your presence, I find the light I know.

Particles entangled, across space and time,

Our love transcends, a force so prime.

The hope of your brilliance, my guiding star,

Brought me through time to where you are.

In this vast universe, it's me and you,

With love’s eternal flame, we always renew.

In the quantum field, our hearts conspire,

Together forever, in love’s endless fire.

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