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Lustful Gravity

1990s parking lot Georgia engine revving mischief nights

The sound of cars 2018 wind by building yellow lights

Super-atomic superposition déjà vu rattles my mind

God touches the time to love so perfect we rewind

The pivot so fast above the water now looking around

New summer's amber like her eye tint almost sun down

I rage on in peace like the juxtaposition most girls are

Movie magazine fantasy to reality hold her hands not far

Giggles with donuts in the parking lot tons of sex in the night

All that time dilation organ decay aging but for her I might

Born again 1980s romance till beyond the beautiful end

Bicycle shop renting book reading late evening love blend

The lost center found its home in the now healed universe

You ended relativity mystery with the same eyes ending curse

That lustful gravity warping Earth curvature to end of our story

Dreaming the Seychelles white sand in romantic breezy glory

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