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Lick You Like

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Fist down, body in blood

Cargos dangling in street mud

You saw me there in 1995

Colt 45 ounce made me alive

Lucky its not me today

Horny chasing her away

Driving home with pregnant one

Party my teens, 38 now I'm done

Sit up and listen hun

You never are really fun

Now put down that gun

I forgot you; let that stun

I'm alone though. No one

Leaking soul weighs a ton

Grab us. Reach for me above

Rewrite our gravity to love

Aging memories portend death

Let me lick you like homeless meth

Forget it all upon each stroke

Lusting for a leather rope

8 pm July hotels deep south

Left it at center of the soul's earth

Scarcity time is what matters

All just words up heaven's ladders

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