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Gravity's Calling: Addictions' Coping

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

From the intimate cravings for lust, to the insecurities and momentary desires that distract us, when the emotions settle, a life with soulmates is all the consumes the mind.

To imagine baking bread in a corner store along the Mediterranean with a full belly without the most severe worry: loneliness. We live then only to direct our attention to the simplicity of love with someone whose eyes when gaze up upon us light our soul up in a hydrogen blaze of pure glory, every hour, minute, second... timeless rush of joy from dusk to dawn.

I have come to understand that lust, addiction, even a rapidly firing mind in deep thought on things remote, are all coping strategies to avoid confronting what darkens our hearts the most: to be bound by the wide span of the Earth eyes unseeable beyond the horizon: stuck on this material plane, in pain, out of our element.

We remain sunken in a memory that is not real: an imagined timeless moment in the universe, in love, and at home back in the womb of that deeply comforting love, whose soul is tirelessly seeking out us the same

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