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Unfair For Me

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I am happy even when you are so far away. I remember your eyes making me want to pray. The way you look at me reminds me love is real. It's a feeling the you have when you are afraid the universe will steal. It is as if I have known you since I was nine. I am at home with you in person all the time. The barriers of structure are more than material but also metaphysical and invisible. They tear us apart with fears of offending what we are told is indivisible. It makes one wonder why the universe requires some of us live with a limit. We see others with all the things no one judges for even a minute. Because of how some people look maybe we ask them more. Bias are the humans allowing others to walk in and out of the door.

Can I not be an imperfect person too? If it is love all that we want then we should be able to.

From a past life to the present right here now I can feel I loved you. A stranger in the present it still feels true.

I'm not letting you go this time my soul mate. Can I just for once have love after all this wait.

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