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My Dear Entangled Soul,

My Dear Entangled Soul,

We found each other. We are not yet together materially, but I go to sleep in solace knowing that we are entangled a galaxy of time apart, even if it is just a quantum state. Our particles are lonely no more, incomplete no more, wounded no more. We are found. We are safe. We are proof of light at the end of darkness.

We sought not each other in particular, and yet the gravity of the center of the galaxy brought us together nonetheless. Effortless affection subdues our fears of the universe and its inhabitants. We are different on all the levels that do not count, and the same soul on all the ones that do. It is not that together we are complete, but instead that together at peace.

Everyday since I have been alive I have been in search of the innocence that your soul showers me with in all of your brightness and smiles. When I was 7 I would play with my neighbor. I felt a great light shine on my soul each hour we played. I have been in search of that light for decades to no end: each minute, each hour, each day, each year, since then. At the end of the line many circles of the moon too late, the hope of your light kept me alive, only to have your love in time.

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