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Like Love Will Do

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Vibrant glow in our dreams abstract

Souls entangled in photon first contact

Romantic thoughts in digital imagination

Dreaming of you over dark fiber creation

Pulling you from your path into my last sin

The door you finally open my love pours in

The dawn of lust flooded in hydrogen light

Every step towards us sheds the pain at night

The core of your eyes filling my lonely holes

My lips entangled sharing our hearts and souls

Like love will do, the dawn of our journey maybe

Every heart beat lost at the hour just like they do

Entropy fading me into the words of this

Lost in your womb figment from a kiss

Like lovers do, we haven't even met

Pulling us from tomorrow into sweat

Each step, each thought, is all about you

Some woman brave enough to just do

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