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Across the Ocean In 7s

I never experienced in my life someone who demonstrates to me so clearly that they want to be with me, that they like me as I am. You are the first human being to end my journey to no longer feel as though my soul is trapped in a dark prison alone in the universe, with no purpose, humanity, or love. You give me this—the love, friendship, humanism, and purpose to want to live, to have something to live for truly.

From the first time I met you many years ago I was short of breath as you sat there across from me smiling calmly, making eye contract, looking at me in whole. Towards the end of that journey when we met I told you I would come back from you 7 years later, and we would travel the Earth together alone as a couple. You smiled and may have been thinking they were empty sweet words.

Seven years later I came back for you exactly like I said. Instead of the world we traveled the old world as they knew it. Seven years later I did exactly what I said I would do. I love you enough to follow a seven year plan, seven years away from you, to focus for that long and bend the Earth to the will of my heart, to end the journey longing for love.

Only when our home is settled, when our heart is settled, can we be a man in full in our careers—focused, without insecurity, without toxic blindsides, without stupidity, and with game theory on our side removed of painful emotions driving us off the charted path. Love is its own God created from the energy that would have a man or woman bend the Earth for a woman oceans apart, and nail like a SpaceX landing.

For you I do all things, and through the person I become through you I will do all things for humanity, but only through you and the love you willfully want to give me, a love that pours out of your eyes and onto the dark floor creating light where previously there was nothing.

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1 comentario

25 feb 2023

You re-write the Scripture in your very words… Very delicately balanced to make the reader worry… You have a very interesting brain and heart.

Me gusta
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